About Me

Hey!  I’m Seth – and I’m the ‘mind behind the madness’!

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Thanks for stopping by.  I decided to start this blog because, well, a couple of reasons…

1. I wanted to have a written record of my progress through school, towards certifications, and in my early career;

2. I also to share my experiences and since I knew I was looking for resources like this, hopefully  I can help others.

I’ll be taking the Computer Information Systems Administration program, with the second year Network Systems Administration option, leading to a diploma. The continuation option for the program leads into a Bachelor of Technology in Information Management which I plan to pursue part-time over a number of years.

My certification goals while in the program include Network+, Security+, Linux+. CCNP, and MCSA in Windows Server 2008 – and possibly Exchange as well if the training is in the program.

Currently, I have the -700 series A+ certification, however I will also plan to upgrade this to the -800 series while in the program.

I hope you enjoy reading about my experiences and please leave comments if you have them!